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...darling so it goes, some things were meant to be.

welcome to my "pretty shit" photoblog thing, please enjoy your stay.

[Picture: Background: 6 piece pie style color split with pink and blue  alternating. Foreground: White woman wearing a long sleeved blouse and  silver bracelet with long blonde hair. Her arms are crossed over her  chest and she has a smug expression. Top text: “ [You’re anxious?] ” Bottom text: “ [Just get everything done, and you won’t have to worry about it.] ”]
This is why it’s difficult to speak to my mother about anything. She will tell me the steps that I should take to do X thing (in great detail), then will proceed to remind me every five minutes of the exact thing that she thinks I should be doing at that very second in order to finish with X Y and Z. If I’m not doing what she thinks I should be doing, she belittles me, belittles my goals, makes fun of me, and then proceeds to explain WHY I should be doing whatever it is I should be doing.
At no point does she ask what my plans are to deal with my own situation. Even when she comes to the point where she realizes that I’m old enough to handle my own problems (i.e. she should butt-out because I’m 23 and don’t live anywhere near her, nor do I depend on her input to handle my life), she stops briefly. It doesn’t take long for her to pick right back up where she left off, and continue to explain to me what/how/why/when/where/when/how/why/when/how/where/when/why I should do this/that/the other/the first thing/the last thing/the middle thing/the first thing/the other thing/that and this.
She doesn’t seem to realize that every time she tells me what she thinks I should be doing, it GREATLY DECREASES my ability to do anything at all. I’m anxious as it is, but when she talks, I pretty much go into a panic and can’t even do the baby-steps I take to get through my day. This leads to more of her telling me what I should do, and how I “must not take my goals seriously” when she sees that I’m not “doing anything” (i.e. what she thinks I should be doing.)
It’s incredibly draining.