like a river flows surely to the sea
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...darling so it goes, some things were meant to be.

i post pictures, words, music, etc. that i find beautiful. please enjoy your stay.

Conrad Roset (b. Terrassa, Spain) - From Muses series, 2012     Drawings: Acrylics, Pencils

im with you
april 2014

That was so beautiful

Robert Bubel, Morning. Nude
I dunno, just laying face down on the couch and waiting for some baby boomers to die, I guess
written by Millennials, when asked about plans for the future (via alwaysfaithfulterriblelizard)

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words like stardust can flow

through their milky way and

words like water can flow

through their stream and

a reservoir of stars

can be so broken in its beauty and

change is such a short word to describe

how raspberries can shift into pine needles and

stardust can shift into snowflakes.

written by Deni Lavilo

(Source: word-digest)